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                                          Of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934
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Marathon names five new officers in preparation for USX reorganization

HOUSTON,  August 2, 2001 - Marathon Oil Company, part of the USX-Marathon  Group
(NYSE:  MRO)  and  a  unit  of USX Corporation, announced  today  organizational
changes  to  establish  the  corporate  functions  that  the  new  Marathon  Oil
Corporation  will  require  as an independent company,  following  the  proposed
separation  from USX.  Five new officer positions have been created as  part  of
this  re-organization,  as well as revised titles and responsibilities  for  two
existing  officers.   All positions are based in Marathon's Houston headquarters
and will be effective January 1, 2002.

John T. Mills, currently senior vice president, Finance and Administration,  has
been  named  chief financial officer.  Reporting to him will be three  new  vice
president positions: Albert G. Adkins, currently comptroller for USX,  has  been
named  vice  president,  Accounting and Controller; James  F.  Meara,  currently
controller  for Marathon, has been named vice president of Taxes,  and  Paul  C.
Reinbolt,  currently comptroller for U.S. Steel, has been named vice  president,
Finance and Treasurer.

Jerry  Howard,  currently vice president--Taxes for USX, has been  named  senior
vice  president,  Corporate  Affairs.  This is  a  new  position  to  which  the
following organizations will report: Information Technology; Health, Environment
&  Safety;  Public  Affairs; State Government Affairs, and the  Washington-based
Federal Government Affairs.

Kenneth  L. Matheny, currently vice president, Investor Relations for  USX,  has
been named vice president, Investor Relations for Marathon.

William F. Schwind, Jr., currently general counsel and secretary, has been named
vice president, general counsel and secretary of Marathon.

Mills,  Howard,  Matheny  and  Schwind will  all  report  directly  to  Marathon
President  Clarence  P. Cazalot, Jr., who will assume the  additional  title  of
chief executive officer of Marathon.

Biographical details of the above appointees are attached to this news release.

Marathon Oil Company, part of the USX-Marathon Group (NYSE: MRO) and a  unit  of
USX  Corporation, is a large fully integrated oil firm engaged in the  worldwide
exploration  and  production  of  crude oil and natural  gas.  Through  Marathon
Ashland  Petroleum  LLC,  the  Company  also  refines,  markets  and  transports
petroleum products in the United States.
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the  factors  that  could cause such a difference, please see USX  Corporation's
filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.  There are also a number of
uncertainties,  risks,  conditions and other factors  which  could  prevent  the
implementation of the above described plan of reorganization.

In  connection with the above described transactions, USX Corporation intends to
file  a  proxy  statement and other materials with the Securities  and  Exchange
Commission.  Security holders are urged to read these materials when they become
final  because they will contain important information.  Investors and  security
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USX  Corporation and its officers and directors may be deemed to be participants
in  the solicitation of proxies from USX Corporation's stockholders with respect
to  these  transactions.  Information regarding such officers and  directors  is
included  in  USX Corporation's proxy statement for its 2001 annual  meeting  of
stockholders  filed  with the Securities and Exchange Commission  on  March  12,
2001.   This document is available free of charge at the SEC's internet site  or
from USX Corporation as described above.
Biographical details of Marathon Oil Corporation Officers

John  T.  Mills  was born in Canton, Ohio.  He has been senior  vice  president,
Finance  & Administration, since September 1998.  He has a bachelor's degree  in
economics  from  Ohio  University and a law degree from Ohio  State  University.
Mills  joined  Marathon in 1976 as a tax specialist.  He  progressed  through  a
series  of positions in the tax department, becoming chief tax counsel in  1984.
In  1986  he  became  director--Taxes,  Energy  for  USX  Corporation  based  in
Pittsburgh, and was appointed vice president--Taxes for USX in 1987.

Jerry  Howard was born in Social Circle, Georgia.  He holds a bachelor's  degree
in  accounting  from Morris Brown College in Atlanta, Georgia and  an  MBA  from
Northwestern  University in Evanston, Illinois.  Howard is  a  certified  public
accountant  and began his career in 1975 as an internal auditor at Marathon  Oil
Company.   He was transferred to the Marathon tax department in 1976,  where  he
moved  through a series of supervisory and managerial posts.  Howard  was  named
manager--Tax Compliance and Planning in 1986, general tax manager  in  1988  and
director--Tax and Financial Planning in 1993.  He was appointed Marathon's  vice
president,  Human Resources and Environment in 1997 and became vice  president--
Taxes for USX in 1998.

Kenneth  L.  Matheny  was  born in Akron, Ohio and has a  bachelor's  degree  in
accounting  from  the  University of Akron and an MBA from Bowling  Green  State
University,  Ohio.  He joined Marathon in 1977 as an advanced  tax  analyst  and
held  a  series  of  increasingly more responsible positions in  Marathon's  tax
organization.   In  1988 he was named director of Corporate Finance  and  became
director,  Human  Resources  in 1989.  He was appointed  vice  president,  Human
Resources and Environment for Marathon in 1994.  He was named vice president and
comptroller for USX at the corporation's Pittsburgh headquarters in 1997 and was
appointed vice president--Investor Relations for USX in 2000.

William  F.  Schwind, Jr. was born in Chicago, Illinois.  He holds a  bachelor's
degree in English literature and law degree from Loyola University, Chicago.  He
joined  Marathon's law organization at Findlay, Ohio, in 1974  and  subsequently
held  various staff legal and governmental affairs positions until 1983 when  he
moved  to Jakarta, Indonesia, as a commercial contract manager.  He returned  to
the  United  States  in  1984  and  subsequently  became  general  attorney  for
Marathon's  refining,  marketing,  supply  and  transportation  activities.   He
assumed  responsibilities  as  Delhi  Gas  Pipeline  Corporation's  senior  vice
president, administration, general counsel and secretary, in Dallas in 1991.  He
was named general counsel and secretary of Marathon Oil Company in 1992.

Albert  G.  Adkins was born in Huntington, West Virginia.  He has  a  bachelor's
degree  in  accounting  from Marshall University in  Huntington.   Adkins  is  a
certified  public  accountant  and  a certified  management  accountant.   After
spending  six years in the public accounting sector, Adkins joined USX  in  1979
via  the  acquisition  of  Novamont  and   became  manager  of  accounting.   He
subsequently  held  a  variety  of accounting  positions  with  the  former  USS
Chemicals Division and USX Corporation and was promoted to director-general  and
consolidation  accounting  in 1989.  Adkins was named  director  -  Consolidated
Income  Taxes in 1992 and was appointed vice president - Finance and  Accounting
for  the  former Delhi Gas Pipeline Corporation in 1996.  He was named assistant
comptroller  for  USX  at  the  Pittsburgh  headquarters  in  1997  and   became
comptroller for USX in 2000.

James F. Meara was born in Fairlawn, New Jersey.  He has a bachelor's degree  in
accounting  from the University of Kentucky and an MBA from Bowling Green  State
University, Ohio.   Meara is also a certified public accountant.  He  began  his
career  with Marathon as a tax analyst in 1980, based in Findlay, Ohio, and  was
appointed  manager  of  tax, in the Audit Systems and Planning  group  in  1988.
Meara  moved  to  Houston  in 1989 progressing through a  series  of  management
positions  within Tax and was appointed commercial director for Sakhalin  Energy
in 1995, based in Moscow.  He returned to Houston in 1997 as tax manager and was
named controller for Marathon in 2000.

Paul  C.  Reinbolt was born in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. He has a  bachelor's
degree in accounting and an MBA from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.  Reinbolt
began  his  career in 1980 as a financial analyst with Marathon Oil  Company  in
Findlay,  Ohio,  and  later  was  promoted to advanced  financial  analyst.   He
transferred   to  headquarters  in  Pittsburgh  in  1984  as  senior   financial
representative,  became short-term investment manager in New York  in  1986  and
manager  -  Treasury-New  York  in 1987.  Reinbolt  returned  to  Pittsburgh  as
director  -  Corporate  Financial  Analysis in  1991  and  was  named  assistant
treasurer  -  Corporate  Finance in 1994.  In 1998, he  was  appointed  manager,
Finance  and  Administration,  Production,  United  Kingdom,  for  Marathon  and
relocated  to  London.   Reinbolt  was  named  comptroller  for  U.S.  Steel  in
Pittsburgh in 2000.