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Marathon looks to grow business in Norway

HOUSTON,  August  29, 2001 -- Marathon Petroleum Norge A/S, a  subsidiary  of
Marathon  Oil  Company,  has  strengthened its  position  in  Norway  through
agreements  with  Statoil, Norsk Hydro and TotalFinaElf,  to  acquire  varied
interests  in  five licenses in the Norwegian Sector of the North  Sea.   The
portfolio  additions  include  several  undeveloped  discoveries   close   to
Marathon's existing infrastructure positions in the Heimdal and Brae areas of
the  North Sea. The transactions are subject to necessary approvals from  the
Norwegian authorities.

"As  part of our international growth strategy, we intend to be a more active
player  in the North Sea," said Marathon president, Clarence Cazalot.  "These
deals  provide  exploration and appraisal opportunities close  to  our  Brae-
Heimdal  infrastructure where we will be able to develop reserves in  a  cost
effective and timely manner. Norway has the potential to become a future core
area  for  Marathon  as  Norwegian reserves are  developed  to  meet  growing
European gas demand."

Three  licenses  in  the  Heimdal area of the North Sea  were  acquired  from
Statoil. These comprise an 18.6% interest in License 088, which contains  the
Peik  gas condensate discovery; a 20% interest in License 102, which contains
the  Skirne  and Byggve gas discoveries, and the East Heimdal oil  discovery;
and a 10 % interest in License 150, which also contains an oil discovery.

Marathon has a 23.8% interest in the nearby Heimdal infrastructure, which  is
being  developed  as  a gas processing hub.  The company  also  has  a  46.9%
interest  in  the  Vale  gas  condensate  field,  which  is  currently  under
development  and will be tied back to Heimdal with first production  expected
in mid-2002.

Two  Licenses  were  acquired  close  to the  Marathon-operated  Brae  fields
complex.   These  comprise a 28.2 % interest in License 025 by  acquiring  an
18.2%  interest  from  TotalFinaElf and 10% from  Norsk  Hydro;  and   a  10%
interest  in  adjacent License 187 acquired from Norsk  Hydro.   License  025
contains  the  Gudrun  oil  and  gas condensate  discovery,  and  is  located
approximately 12 miles east of Brae.

Marathon  Petroleum Norge A/S is a wholly-owned subsidiary  of  Marathon  Oil
Company,  which is part of the USX-Marathon Group (NYSE: MRO) and a  unit  of
USX  Corporation.   Marathon is a large fully integrated  oil  and  gas  firm
engaged  in the worldwide exploration and production of crude oil and natural
gas.  Through  Marathon  Ashland Petroleum LLC,  the  Company  also  refines,
markets and transports petroleum products in the United States.

This news release contains forward-looking statements concerning the
potential for future investment.  The successful completion of any related
transactions depends upon the receipt of Norwegian government approvals. In
accordance with "safe harbor" provisions of the Private Securities Litigation
Reform Act of 1995, USX has included in Form 10-K for the year ended December
31, 2000, in Form 10-Q for the quarter ended June 30, 2001, and in subsequent
Form 8-K's, cautionary language identifying other important factors, though
not necessarily all such factors, that could cause future outcomes to differ
from those set forth in forward-looking statements.