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     Exhibit 99.1 - Heartland  Express,  Inc. press release dated April 15, 2009
with respect to the Company's  financial results for the quarter ended March 31,

Item 2.02.   Results of Operations and Financial Condition.

     On April 15, 2009 Heartland  Express,  Inc. announced its financial results
for the quarter  ended March 31, 2009.  The press release is attached as Exhibit
99.1 to this Form 8-K and is incorporated herein by reference.


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                                                        HEARTLAND EXPRESS, INC.

Date: April 17, 2009                                    BY: /s/John P. Cosaert

                                                        JOHN P. COSAERT
                                                        Finance and Treasurer

                                Exhibit No. 99.1

Wednesday, April 15, 2009 For Immediate Release

Press Release

Heartland  Express,  Inc. Reports Revenues and Earnings for the First Quarter of

NORTH LIBERTY,  IOWA - April 15, 2009 - Heartland Express,  Inc. (Nasdaq:  HTLD)
announced  today  financial  results for the quarter  ended March 31,  2009.  As
previously  announced the quarter started with negative  freight trends from the
fourth quarter of 2008. Freight demand remained  depressed  throughout the first
quarter of 2009.  However,  for the  quarter  ended  March 31,  2009,  Heartland
Express,  Inc. posted an operating ratio (operating  expenses as a percentage of
operating  revenues) of 83.4% and a 12.3% net margin (net income as a percentage
of  operating  revenues)  both  significant  improvements  over the  prior  year
comparative  period. The Company reported an operating ratio of 86.7% and a 9.8%
net margin for the quarter ended March 31, 2008.

Operating revenues for the quarter decreased 22.8% to $115.0 million from $149.0
million in the first quarter of 2008. The  significant  reduction in fuel prices
period over period  translated into lower fuel surcharge revenue which accounted
for approximately half of the decline in total operating  revenues.  Lower miles
driven by lower load counts  attributed to overall general  economic  conditions
accounted for the other half of the reduction in operating revenues.  Net income
for  2009 was  $14.1  million  compared  to $14.7  million  in the 2008  period.
Earnings per share were unchanged at $0.15 for both periods.

There  continues  to be excess  capacity  in the market and this  combined  with
declines  in overall  freight  demand  continued  to place  extreme  pressure on
freight  rates  throughout  the quarter.  Further,  the Company has not seen any
strong  indicators of improvements in the demand for freight services that would
affect  our  levels  of  business  in the  near  future.  Although  the  Company
experienced  depressed  freight  demand volumes during the quarter that affected
the financial  results,  the Company remains  opportunistic  about the steps the
Company took during the first  quarter to position  itself for future growth and
opportunities  when freight demand returns.  Heartland opened its tenth regional
operation near Dallas, Texas in the first quarter of 2009.

During the quarter ended March 31, 2009 the Company experienced a 51.4% decrease
in fuel  expense  mainly  driven by a decrease  in  average  fuel cost rates and
further by less miles  driven.  During the quarter ended March 31, 2009 the U.S.
average cost of fuel was $2.18 per gallon  compared to $3.52 for the same period
of 2008. The Company's  continued focus on idle hour  reductions,  terminal fuel
purchases as well as overall  increased  fuel  efficiency  of tractors  provided
further  contributing  factors to the  reduction  of fuel  expense  period  over
period.  The Company  continues to increase its  intensity of  controlling  fuel
costs as well as all other operating expenses and is exploring other cost saving
opportunities and operating efficiencies to make the Company better prepared for
an economic recovery.

During the current turbulent economic conditions, the Company continues to
demonstrate its confidence in the financial strength of the Company and its
future prospects through its continued investment in the Company through its
share repurchase program. The Company purchased approximately 3.5 million shares
of its outstanding common stock during the quarter ended March 31, 2009 for a
cost of approximately $45.4 million. Another indication of our confidence was
reflected in our continued tractor fleet upgrade program that began in 2008 and

is expected to be completed  by the 2009 year end. The Company took  delivery of
45 new tractors in the first  quarter of 2009 which  brings the total  purchases
under the current  upgrade  program to 620  tractors.  Management  believes  the
Company has adequate  liquidity to meet the capital  requirements of the current
fleet upgrade  through cash generated from operations and existing cash and cash
equivalents.  The  fleet  upgrade  is  another  example  of how the  Company  is
positioning itself for the future.  During the first quarter of 2009 the Company
achieved  the  highest   level  of   environmental   performance   by  the  U.S.
Environmental  Protection Agency through the SmartWay(sm)  program.  Heartland's
1.25 score given by  SmartWay(sm)  is a  testament  to our  commitment  to being
environmentally responsible and an industry leader in fuel saving strategies.

Despite  spending  $45.4 million on  repurchasing  stock,  the Company ended the
quarter with cash,  cash  equivalents,  short-term and long-term  investments of
$216.2 million,  an $11.8 million  decrease from the $228.0 million  reported at
December 31, 2008. The Company's balance sheet continues to be debt-free. During
the quarter,  Heartland Express declared a regular quarterly cash dividend.  The
quarterly  dividend of approximately $1.8 million at the rate of $0.02 per share
was paid on April 2, 2009 to  shareholders of record at the close of business on
March 20, 2009.  The Company has now paid cash  dividends of $234.1 million over
the past twenty-three consecutive quarters.

The Company  continues to focus on customer  service as one of our core building
blocks.  Heartland  Express has most recently been awarded eight service  awards
evidencing  the Company's  continued  ability to deliver the highest  quality of
service to our customers.  Such awards included,  2008 LXP Carrier of the Year -
Tier One  Carriers,  LXP Carrier of the Year -  Promotional  Events,  2008 Lowes
Silver Carrier Award,  Kelloggs Komplete Carrier of the Year 2008, Nestle Waters
- Tennessee  Region Carrier of the Year 2008,  Nestle Waters - Southeast  Region
World Class Customer Service 2008,  Eastman - Supplier  Excellence Award for the
Year 2008, Quaker Oats - National Carrier of the Year 2008.

This  press  release  may  contain   statements  that  might  be  considered  as
forward-looking statements or predictions of future operations.  Such statements
are based on  management's  belief or  interpretation  of information  currently
available.   These   statements  and  assumptions   involve  certain  risks  and
uncertainties.  Actual  events may differ from these  expectations  as specified
from time to time in filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

                        Contact: Heartland Express, Inc.
                             Mike Gerdin, President
                      John Cosaert, Chief Financial Officer

                             HEARTLAND EXPRESS, INC.
                                AND SUBSIDIARIES

                    (in thousands, except per share amounts)

                                                Three months ended
                                                     March 31,

                                                2009                 2008
                                          ----------------     ----------------
OPERATING REVENUE                            $   114,979          $   149,049
                                          ----------------     ----------------
   Salaries, wages, and benefits             $    44,059          $    48,592
   Rent and purchased transportation               2,938                5,106
   Fuel                                           24,558               50,499
   Operations and maintenance                      4,040                3,963
   Operating taxes and licenses                    2,284                2,243
   Insurance and claims                            3,514                3,782
   Communications and utilities                      996                1,005
   Depreciation                                   11,814               10,412
   Other operating expenses                        3,403                4,332
   Gain on disposal of property & equipment       (1,667)                (644)
                                          ----------------     ----------------

                                                  95,939              129,290
                                          ----------------     ----------------
                    Operating income              19,040               19,759
Interest income                                      871                2,863
                                          ----------------     ----------------
Income before income taxes                        19,911               22,622
Federal and state income taxes                     5,770                7,959
                                          ----------------     ----------------
Net Income                                   $    14,141          $    14,663
                                          ================     ================

Earnings per share                           $      0.15          $      0.15
                                          ================     ================

Weighted average shares outstanding               92,485               96,215
                                          ================     ================

Dividends declared per share                 $     0.020          $     0.020
                                          ================     ================

                             HEARTLAND EXPRESS, INC.
                                AND SUBSIDIARIES

                    (in thousands, except per share amounts)

                                               March 31,          December 31,
ASSETS                                           2009                 2008
CURRENT ASSETS                            ----------------     ----------------
   Cash and cash equivalents                 $    46,601          $    56,651
   Short-term investments                            133                  241
   Trade receivables, net                         34,487               36,803
   Prepaid tires                                   5,732                6,449
   Other current assets                            5,001                2,834
   Deferred income taxes                          36,331               35,650
                                          ----------------     ----------------
             Total current assets                128,285              138,628
                                          ----------------     ----------------

PROPERTY AND EQUIPMENT                           385,641              389,561
   Less accumulated depreciation                 158,605              151,881
                                          ----------------     ----------------
                                                 227,036              237,680

LONG TERM INVESTMENTS                            169,472              171,122
OTHER ASSETS                                      10,191               10,284
                                          ----------------     ----------------
                                             $   534,984          $   557,714
                                          ================     ================

   Accounts payable and accrued liabilities  $    14,626          $    10,338
   Compensation & benefits                        15,190               15,862
   Income taxes payable                            7,899                  452
   Insurance accruals                             71,699               70,546
   Other accruals                                  7,182                7,498
                                          ----------------     ----------------
             Total current liabilities           116,596              104,696
                                          ----------------     ----------------

   Income taxes payable                           34,319               35,264
   Deferred income taxes                          56,938               57,715
                                          ----------------     ----------------
                                                  91,257               92,979
                                          ----------------     ----------------

   Preferred stock, $0.01 par value;
     authorized 5,000 shares, none issued             -                     -
   Capital stock; common, $0.01 par value;
     authorized 395,000 shares; issued and
     outstanding 90,689 in 2009 and 94,229
     in 2008                                         907                  942
   Additional paid-in capital                        439                  439
   Retained earnings                             334,283              367,281
   Accumulated other comprehensive loss           (8,498)              (8,623)
                                          ----------------     ----------------
                                                 327,131              360,039
                                          ----------------     ----------------
                                             $   534,984          $   557,714
                                          ================     ================