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Date of report (Date of earliest event reported) May 2, 2001

                         THE FIRST AMERICAN CORPORATION
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                                THE FIRST AMERICAN CORPORATION

Date: May 8, 2001               By:/s/ Thomas A. Klemens
                                   Name:      Thomas A. Klemens
                                   Title:     Executive Vice President and Chief
                                              Financial Officer



SANTA ANA, Calif., May 2, 2001 - The First American Corporation (NYSE: FAF), the
nation's  leading,  diversified  provider  of business  information  and related
products and services,  announced today operating  results for the first quarter
ended March 31, 2001.

     Net income for the first  quarter 2001 was $27.0  million,  or 39 cents per
diluted  share,  which  includes a $14.2 million  pretax gain on the  previously
announced sale of the company's subsidiary,  Contour Software,  Inc., and a $3.6
million charge to earnings  relating to the company's exit of the  lender-placed
homeowner's  insurance  business,  a part  of  the  National  Information  Group
acquisition  completed  in May 1999.  These items  totaled a net benefit of $6.5
million on an  after-tax  basis,  or 9 cents per diluted  share.  The  resulting
operational net income for the first quarter was $20.5 million,  or 30 cents per
diluted share,  which  compares with net income of $1.0 million,  or 2 cents per
diluted share, for the comparable quarter of 2000.  Revenues for the first three
months of 2001 totaled $781.0  million,  an increase of 21 percent when compared
with 2000 first quarter  revenues of $646.2  million.

     "Fueled by lower interest rates,  home sales and refinancing  activity were
comparable to the record levels  experienced in 1998," stated Parker S. Kennedy,
president of The First  American  Corporation.  "The company  benefited from the
higher levels of lender-driven  refinance activity,  as evidenced by the 434,700
new title orders opened during the first quarter of 2001, the highest  quarterly
number of title orders opened in the company's  history.  New orders escalated 9
percent from January to February and an  additional  21 percent from February to
March.  This  record-setting  volume should  provide for strong  second  quarter
results.  During this period of robust real estate activity and high title-order
counts,  we  were  able to  increase  efficiencies  and  keep  expenses  stable,
underscoring  our ability to leverage  technology  and  exercise  solid  expense

                                    - more -

     Kennedy  continued:  "During  2001,  we  will  experience  the  bottom-line
benefits of our technology  enhancements,  market share  expansion and strategic
acquisitions.  The  successful  sale of $210  million of our senior  convertible
debentures enables us to fund our growth through careful, sound acquisitions. We
will continue to expand our diverse and profitable consumer


information and services segment, which provides a complete suite of information
products for the automotive,  employment,  insurance and investment industries."

     The company also announced that direct operation title-order counts are now
posted on the investor relations section of the company's Web site. New postings
will be made approximately 20 working days after month-end and will include open
as well as closed title-order transactions.

     The First American Corporation, based in Santa Ana, Calif., is the nation's
leading,  diversified  provider of business information and related products and
services.  The  corporation's  three primary business  segments  include:  title
information and services;  real estate information and services,  which includes
mortgage  information  services  and  database  information  and  services;  and
consumer  information  and services,  which  provides  automotive,  subprime and
direct-to-consumer   credit   reporting;   direct-to-consumer   public   records
reporting; resident screening; pre-employment screening; property and automotive
insurance tracking services;  property and casualty insurance;  home warranties;
investment  advisory;  and trust and  banking  services.  Information  about the
company  and an archive of its press  releases  can be found on the  Internet at

     Certain statements made in this press release,  including those relating to
     benefits derived from title-order volumes, technology enhancements,  market
     share expansion and acquisitions;  and expansion of the company's  consumer
     information   and   services   segment  are   forward-looking.   Risks  and
     uncertainties exist which may cause results to differ materially from those
     set forth in these forward-looking statements. Factors that could cause the
     anticipated  results to differ from those described in the  forward-looking
     statements include: interest rate fluctuations;  changes in the performance
     of the real estate  markets;  general  volatility  in the capital  markets;
     changes  in  applicable  government  regulations;  consolidation  among the
     company's   significant   customers  and  competitors;   legal  proceedings
     commenced by the California  attorney general and related  litigation;  the
     company's continued ability to identify businesses to be acquired;  changes
     in the company's  ability to integrate  businesses  which it acquires;  and
     other factors described in the company's Annual Report on Form 10-K for the
     year  ended  Dec.  31,  2000,   filed  with  the  Securities  and  Exchange
     Commission.  The forward-looking  statements speak only as of the date they
     are  made.  The  company  does  not  undertake  to  update  forward-looking
     statements to reflect circumstances or events that occur after the date the
     forward-looking statements are made.

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                         The First American Corporation
                              Summary of Earnings

                                                                 For the Three Months Ended
                                                                           March 31
                                                                    2001                  2000
Revenues                                                       $  780,951,000        $ 646,174,000
Income before income taxes and minority interests              $   53,408,000        $   3,885,000
Income Taxes                                                   $   19,500,000        $     800,000
Minority interests                                             $    6,922,000        $   2,083,000
Net income                                                     $   26,986,000        $   1,002,000
Net income per share:
  Basic                                                                 $0.42                $0.02
  Diluted                                                               $0.39                $0.02
Weighted average shares outstanding:
  Basic                                                            64,165,000           64,138,000
  Diluted                                                          68,797,000           65,322,000

                         The First American Corporation
                       Summary Balance Sheet Information

                                                                           March 31
                                                                    2001                  2000
Total assets                                                   $2,234,619,000        $2,060,699,000
Total equity                                                   $  910,694,000        $  793,605,000
Book value per share                                           $        14.04        $        12.53

                     (Additional Financial Data to Follow)

                                    - more -


                            Selected Financial Data
                                                                                   For the Three Months Ended
                                                                                            March 31
                                                                               2001                           2000
                                                                  -------------------------------    --------------------------


  Operating revenues                                              $                 750,184,000     $            635,865,000
  Investment and other income                                                        30,767,000                   10,309,000
                                                                  ------------------------------   ---------------------------
                                                                                    780,951,000                  646,174,000
                                                                  -------------------------------  ---------------------------
  Salaries and other personnel costs                                                274,819,000                  250,204,000
  Premiums retained by agents                                                       189,407,000                  167,122,000
  Other operating expenses                                                          191,088,000                  166,360,000
  Provision for title losses and other claims                                        36,490,000                   30,123,000
  Depreciation and amortization                                                      24,433,000                   17,416,000
  Premium taxes                                                                       5,008,000                    5,288,000
  Interest                                                                            6,298,000                    5,776,000
                                                                  -------------------------------   ---------------------------
                                                                                    727,543,000                  642,289,000
                                                                  -------------------------------   ---------------------------
Income before income taxes and minority interests                 $                  53,408,000     $              3,885,000
                                                                  ===============================   ============================


Title Insurance:
  Direct operations                                               $                 289,271,000     $            235,946,000
  Agency operations                                                                 234,254,000                  210,600,000
                                                                  -------------------------------   ---------------------------
                                                                                    523,525,000                  446,546,000
Real Estate Information                                                             162,233,000                  128,757,000
Consumer Information                                                                 64,426,000                   60,562,000
                                                                  -------------------------------   ---------------------------
Total operating revenues                                          $                 750,184,000     $            635,865,000
                                                                  ===============================   ===========================


Title Insurance                                                   $                  19,677,000     $              6,252,000
Real Estate Information                                                              41,724,000                    2,864,000
Consumer Information                                                                  3,977,000                    9,594,000
                                                                  -------------------------------   ---------------------------
Total before corporate expenses and
  minority interests                                                                 65,378,000                   18,710,000
Corporate expenses                                                                   11,970,000                   14,825,000
                                                                  -------------------------------   ---------------------------
Income before income taxes and minority interests                 $                  53,408,000     $              3,885,000
                                                                  ===============================   ===========================


Title orders opened:
  January                                                                               127,500                       87,400
  February                                                                              139,100                      100,300
  March                                                                                 168,100                      123,500
Title orders closed:
  January                                                                                72,900                       64,500
  February                                                                               84,000                       71,000
  March                                                                                 113,200                       94,800